It’s Shoebox Time!


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It is time to pack shoeboxes again.  I have really enjoyed packing our boxes this year and have even been able to get my church involved!


That is a picture of our display table at church.  I was able to hand out 51 shoeboxes and I am hoping to get them all back filled.

Here is a picture of my daughter filling her shoebox.


If you are interested in packing a shoebox, but don’t know where to start go to Samaritian’s Purse website.  They have all the information you need to get started, including where to drop-off your filled shoeboxes!

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Homemade Bookmarks


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The kids I baby sit have been asking me to make bookmarks for them.  I finally got around to it and I think they turned out pretty cute.  I let each kid pick out what they wanted on their bookmark, then I made up a reading related saying.


I cut them out and laminated them so they would last longer.  My son was excited when we read “No, David!” and he saw his bookmark picture.  I love making things for the kids so they feel special.  They really liked picking out their picture and liked that I made them each something different.  It was such a simple gift.

3-D Art

I have a craft box for the kids to use that I put items to recycle.  The kids bring new life to what would be trash.  I love how creative they are.  Here they made a boat and a semi.

The bubble wrap at the bottom of the boat is to help it float.  They put wings on the boat for some reason.  But it is super cute.  We tried floating it, but it kept tipping to one side so it wouldn’t float.  Good try though!


Fun With Boxes


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I received this ginormous box from Amazon.  It was filthy so I never even brought it into my house.  I just opened it on the porch and brought the stuff inside.  After weeks of it sitting outside I asked my husband to take it to the curb for trash pick-up.  Thankfully he forgot!  That day the kids discovered it and decided to color on it with sidewalk chalk.

They turned it into a space ship.  They wrote “outer space” on it.  It was really fun to see them blast off.  They would sit inside, count down from ten, and then jump out so they could carry the box around the yard until they arrived in space.

My son discovered that the chalk went on different where the box was wet.  Personally, wet chalk is the only kind I like to use.

Another great use for boxes is letting my son practice his hitting and kicking.

He had fun stacking the boxes and kicking them over.  Or just punching and kicking them around the room.  A much better thing to practice on then his sister…

I don’t have a picture of it, but they also tie a box onto the ride-on train and then pull it around the house.  They have found that if they put a pillow in Little Miss fits perfectly.  So they load her up and take her for a spin!  She loves it.

This is why I never throw out my boxes until they have been fully used.  Eventually, the boxes get torn up and I have to get rid of them.  But with a baby still in diapers a new box arrives every month!

PJ Masks Birthday Party


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I let my son pick his own theme for his party this year.  He started talking about having a PJ Masks cake, in December…  So I had to make it for him.  I didn’t want to try anything too elaborate this year, but I still think the cake and the party turned out great.

If you don’t know, PJ Masks is a newer show on Disney Junior.  It features three friends that turn into superheros at night.  My son’s favorite is Gecko, so I made that the main theme of the party and decorations.


I did electronic invitations again.  This saves me so much on ink and postage.  I can also make the invitation more colorful because I don’t have to worry about printing it.  I did make a less colorful version and mailed it to anyone that doesn’t have Facebook.

3rd birthday invitation b

I made some parking signs.  I like to hang something on the mailbox for the day of the party, so I decided to designate parking between villains and heroes.  Most people park in the back, so I made that the villain’s.

Because the party was to take place at the HQ I put a picture of the totem pole HQ from PJ Masks on our front door.


This year I made a few games.  I thought my son and his cousins were old enough to enjoy them.  The games were really simple.  Our version of “pin the tail on the donkey.”  Smash Romeo’s Lab (using the pogo-dozer.)  *You would have to watch the show to understand.*  And steal Luna Girl’s luna magnet.  I used some tape to tape the luna magnet loosely onto the picture and the kids had to use a large sticky hand to grab it.  I laminated all the pieces so they were more durable and reusable.  They had fun with the games, I even left them up for a week to continue playing.

Smash romeo's lab game bPogo Dozer bLuna Girl game b

The cake table was modeled after a screen on the show.  I made Gecko’s mask the cake.  I made it three layers so each of them had their own layer (Gecko, Catboy, and Owelette.)  It shouldn’t have been so hard to make a three layer cake, but for some reason it was.  I learned to cut the layers into the shape individually.  I did a dirty ice to help keep the crumbs away.  Then I finished with some nice green icing.  The cake was cute and tasted pretty good too!


I cut out and laminated some masks and made a wrist thing from felt.  Everyone was encouraged to come in their pj’s.  Even some of the adults participated (but they weren’t too fond of having their pictures taken!)

His shirt is just a green tee-shirt with a felt Gecko mask stuck on.  I put a “3” at the top of the mask (in place of Gecko’s head thing.)  It was really easy to trace the shape onto the felt and then I used heat-n-bond to stick it on.  His sister’s shirt was the same idea with Owelette’s mask.


I think everyone had a good time.  My son sure did enjoy himself and all the attention.  He loved having “Happy Birthday” sung to him.


Three Years Old


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A few weeks ago was my son’s third birthday!  I can’t believe how big he has gotten.  Every day I am surprised by something he can do that he couldn’t the day before.  His language continues to take huge leaps.  He is getting more and more independent.  I love that he can use the restroom completely by himself.  He picks out his own clothes (within reason) and gets dressed by himself.

*He got himself dressed for the pictures.  After taking some I found out he didn’t have any underwear on!  The pants were also backwards.  Just something to blackmail him with later!*



Current Likes:  Watching Netflix, playing in the sand, pretending, talking, dancing his “hot moves,” taking baths and showers, chocolate and strawberry milk, fruit, superheros, Star Wars, hiding, and brushing his teeth.

Current Dislikes:  Vegetables, sitting still, and being quiet in church.

New accomplishments:  Potty trained, galloping, full set of teeth, talking in complete sentences, coloring specific items instead of just scribbling everywhere, matching, and awesome ninja moves.

Ninja fighting

Ninja fighting

Hot moves

Hot moves


He grew three inches in the last year, added countless words to his vocabulary, gained many new fine and gross motor skills, and has really started getting his own personality.

Happy Birthday!

Let’s Go Bowling!


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I have never actually taken my kids bowling.  But they do love to play with their toy set at home.  I am surprised at how well they both set up the pins.  They seem to understand that one pin goes on each circle (1-to-1 correspondence.)  Sometimes they have trouble getting them to stay up, but I am normally close by to help.

My son is figuring out how to roll the ball and aim.


My daughter is figuring out how to knock the pins down using a different tactic.


I think that is a strike!

It is fun watching them play and learn.  I am really liking the age gap between the toy kids now that they are a little older.  I am also enjoying not having a baby and not being pregnant!