Three Years Old


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A few weeks ago was my son’s third birthday!  I can’t believe how big he has gotten.  Every day I am surprised by something he can do that he couldn’t the day before.  His language continues to take huge leaps.  He is getting more and more independent.  I love that he can use the restroom completely by himself.  He picks out his own clothes (within reason) and gets dressed by himself.

*He got himself dressed for the pictures.  After taking some I found out he didn’t have any underwear on!  The pants were also backwards.  Just something to blackmail him with later!*



Current Likes:  Watching Netflix, playing in the sand, pretending, talking, dancing his “hot moves,” taking baths and showers, chocolate and strawberry milk, fruit, superheros, Star Wars, hiding, and brushing his teeth.

Current Dislikes:  Vegetables, sitting still, and being quiet in church.

New accomplishments:  Potty trained, galloping, full set of teeth, talking in complete sentences, coloring specific items instead of just scribbling everywhere, matching, and awesome ninja moves.

Ninja fighting

Ninja fighting

Hot moves

Hot moves


He grew three inches in the last year, added countless words to his vocabulary, gained many new fine and gross motor skills, and has really started getting his own personality.

Happy Birthday!

Let’s Go Bowling!


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I have never actually taken my kids bowling.  But they do love to play with their toy set at home.  I am surprised at how well they both set up the pins.  They seem to understand that one pin goes on each circle (1-to-1 correspondence.)  Sometimes they have trouble getting them to stay up, but I am normally close by to help.

My son is figuring out how to roll the ball and aim.


My daughter is figuring out how to knock the pins down using a different tactic.


I think that is a strike!

It is fun watching them play and learn.  I am really liking the age gap between the toy kids now that they are a little older.  I am also enjoying not having a baby and not being pregnant!

Hide and Seek

My toddler has started playing hide and seek.  It is really cute.  She has started saying “boo” when you find her.  We tease about kids not being very good at hiding, but I think that is because we teach them that all you have to do to hide is cover your eyes.

Eventually they figure out what it really means to hide and then you have a panic attack when you can’t find them!

Here is my daughter winning at hide and seek.

IMG_2841bIMG_2844b IMG_2842b

Play-Dough Monster


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Play-Dough is one of my favorite and least favorite toys.  I love for kids to play with it, but I hate touching it myself.  It leaves such a nasty dryness to my hands!  I digress…

Until recently, my son was still trying to eat it.  I don’t know why, it taste awful!  So we didn’t play with it all that often.  Now that he has stopped (for the most part) eating the play-dough we get it out a lot more.

For Christmas I got him some new play-dough toys.  Before he just had kitchen items and cookie cutters to use.  Now he has some actual play-dough toys.  I also added some non traditional items to the options.  I had some jewels from my daughter’s birthday and some googly eyes.  He loves using these props to expand his play.  It helps so we don’t just make snakes and balls.

My son was using the Sesame Street mat and had blue play-dough, he decided to make cookie monster like the picture.  He did a pretty good job making a monster and was proud of his finished product.  I love that it is a 3-D monster and not just a cookie cutter.


It is amazing at how the props you offer affect the product.  It encourages me to allow more objects to be used.  I think I will add pipe cleaners next time and see where the imagination can take us.

My King and Princess


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I am not sure why, but my son thinks he needs to wear a cape to be a king.  He normally lets me be the princess and he saves me from what ever danger is near.  Those monsters and dragons and come out of nowhere!

This time he decided his sister was the princess and she needed a cape too!  I love it when they play nicely together.  He was the king and daddy, she was the princess and mommy, and I think I might have been the bad guy.

IMG_2955b My absolute favorite thing he does as king is when he comes up to me and says, “Princess, do you want to dance?” and holds his hand out for me.  How can a mom say no?  Of course, I say yes!

I think my son spends more time in a cape than out of it.  He also wears a cape when he is a Jedi, a superhero, and a worker.  I started using clips I bought to hold a blanket in place for nursing.  I have used them more for capes than I ever did for nursing.  I am glad to get some good out of them.

I love how much imagination he has.  It can be hard to live in his imaginative world sometimes.  I sort of hate being told what to do…  I never want to discourage his imagination.

Shape Sorter


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This is my favorite shape sorter for my one year old.  We have at least five different shape sorters in our house.  This one is the best because it only has one shape!  It is easy enough for a one year old to be challenged and successful.  I love it.

IMG_2959b IMG_2960b

It comes with several different colors and each color has one “coin” with bumps and one that is smooth (to represent different types of real coins.)  My almost three-year old likes playing with it too.  Even though he can get the shapes in pretty easily, he likes matching the colors and pretending they are his super hero powers (thanks Wild Kratts!)

When she plays with it I leave the door open so she can easily get them back out.  She can open and close it herself, but she gets bored with it faster if she has to do that.  It helps prolong play time just by making the coins easily accessible.

We had this toy in our church nursery and it was always a favorite!  That is probably why it got broken and had to be removed.  =(  So when I found it on sale before Christmas I knew I had to get it.  I am so glad I did.  Someday she will grow up and be able to do the more advanced shape sorters, but for now she loves her piggy bank!


*I paid for this toy and am not receiving any compensation for this post.  I just wanted to let other moms know how great it is!

Potty Trained!


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We have finally hit a big milestone with potty training!  Yay, I can officially say that at 2 years and 10 months our boy is potty trained!  Yes!

I tried every tactic in the book and to be honest, none of them worked.  I begged, I bribed, I rewarded, and I punished.  In the end the only thing he needed was time.  And an overnighter with Grandma and Grandpa.  Not sure why it was more motivation to please them than it is to please me, but in the end all that matters is that it is done!

In the last three weeks he has had only two accidents in the day and two accidents at night.  That is huge from at least one accident a day and an accident every night.  He does occasionally pee on himself in the bathroom, but I blame that on him not being able to get his jeans off in time.

We seriously tried so many different things.  It is crazy.  We finally started rewarding him with money every time he went on the potty.  When he had an accident (most were not accidents but were on purpose) he had to pay us.  The end reward was he got to spend the money in his “potty jar” at an arcade.  Like I said, none of the things I tried actually worked.  It was all up to him in the end.  Once he decided that instead of just peeing his pants he would run to the bathroom he was trained.


A juice that he bought with his potty money at the arcade.

Do I regret the long year it took to train him?  No.  I would do it again.  I think starting him early, when he first started showing signs of being ready, was great.  The number of times I didn’t have to change a poopy diaper in the last year made it worth it.  Especially, considering that was the first thing he did on the potty consistently.  I don’t know what that kid eats, but man does his poop smell!!  (TMI)

He still has one more big reward coming.  My husband and I are going to take him to see a movie in the theaters.  We have not done that yet and I thought that would be a good ending reward.  Then I am getting rid of the candy bucket, the potty chart, and the potty jar.  Because he is finished!