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I loved the crafts and activities for our Dr. Seuss Story Hour.  I based our craft off “The Shape of Me and Other Stuff” and our activity was from “10 Apples up on Top.”

We read several Dr. Seuss books.  After reading “10 Apples up on Top” we tried to balance “apples” on our head.  We used red pom-poms.  I was wearing a giant Cat in the Hat hat and I was surprised how well the apples stayed on!  I was able to get ten to stay on my hat.

We made a file folder game for the activity.  I had printed and cut out different Dr. Seuss characters.  I printed a colored sheet of the characters and laminated it.  Then I placed it on top of a black piece of construction paper and cut the shapes out at the same time.  When I was done cutting I had a colored picture and a plain black shape of each character.

The kids glued the black shapes onto the file folder (I covered it with packing tape) and then it became a matching game.

The “shapes” on the file folder.

Matching game

Here is a PDF of the characters to print, The Shape of Me and Other Stuff.

Our story hour has a lot of little ones, so I always try to plan my activities based on their ages.  I really liked that this craft wasn’t just something to take home and throw away.  We have ours with our books at home and my kids love playing with it.