We were riding in the car.  From the backseat my son tells me he wants me to make him an airplane pillow.  He shows me how it needs to have wings “like this,” he says.

I have no clue what gave him this idea.  I loved that he had so much   confidence in me.  He knew I could do it.  So I got to work.  

I gave him a few choices of material from my stash.  He chose the soft blue.  I made a pattern, which was kind of hard.  What does a plane look like again?  I actually had to Google pictures to help get the shape!  

The shape didn’t turn out perfect.  I think I made the wings a little too long.  He likes it, that is what matters.

I think it looks like a shark.  I wish I had material with planes on it, but at least I had a blue so it isn’t pink!