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I am not photogenic.  Ever.  I hate getting pictures taken of me.  I especially hate silly face pictures.  I never make a silly face for them, I just smile, which looks really stupid.  But, my kid’s can bring out the best in me, sometimes.  We were sitting at the table making silly faces and I took our pictures.  It was fun.  It was me letting a little guard down and being real.

My kids both look so happy in these pictures.  Is making faces that much fun?  Probably not.  Is having Mom being silly fun?  You bet!

I love that I can spend so much time with my children, but I sometimes take it for granted.  I don’t intentionally spend time with them.  I am not always as present as I should be.  But not at that moment.  That moment was all about them and being silly together.  I love that.  I have been challenged (on a couple different instances lately) to be more intentional in my parenting.  This was me, being intentional with fun!