Our boy has turned four.  The last year went by very fast.  He has grown so much!  He will definitely be tall like his father.  He loves to eat because he gets to tell us “I grow up,” and we pretend to be upset about it and he assures us that he will be tall like Daddy.  And I know that it is true.  I am not excited about the day he towers over me.


Our little guy is all boy.  He loves to fight and kick and knock things over.  He also loves to dance and show off his new moves.  He has good body control and can almost do a cartwheel!  He also loves to jump off everything.


Current Likes:  Fighting, dancing, Netflix, coloring, crafting, playing in sand, playing on the swing set, helping bake, sprinkles on everything, catching “super cat speed” or “energies,” and pretend play.

Current Dislikes:  Wearing shoes and pants he can’t do himself (jeans.)

New accomplishments:  Mastering his fighting and dancing moves, riding a scooter short distances, and drawing people with heads, eyes, legs, and mouths.


Keep growing kid!  I love getting to experience life with you and your amazing imagination.