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Happy second birthday!  I still cannot believe we have been together for two years.

Hazel 0-2.png

To help me keep up-to-date with the kid’s baby books I like to blog about the important milestones.  I then print it and put it in the baby book.  However, I get behind even this way.  So I am writing this late, but better than never.

Our little girl turned two.


Current Likes:  Babies and more babies.  This girl loves to play with baby dolls and hold real babies.  If she doesn’t have a baby near she will turn any toy into a baby!  Playing with play dough, coloring with markers (not crayons!,) swinging, macaroni and cheese, mushrooms, chocolate milk, and her “Bubba.”

Current Dislikes:  Getting her hair done and leaving it done, getting in the sand box, and any food with hamburger.

New accomplishments:  Potty trained (almost,) saying a few more words, and large motor skills like jumping and throwing a ball (right handed.)



Her personality is coming through in this picture.  She is very serious, I guess you would say, most of the time.  She loves to smile and laugh, but that is not her natural expression.  She is a lot like her mom in this way.

Happy birthday!