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I know it is now February, but I just realized I never posted about Halloween!

My son chose to wear a hand-me-down store bought Spider-man costume, so I won’t even include a picture!  But to go along with Spider-man I made a Wonder Woman costume for my daughter.

I absolutely loved her costume!


I used felt to make the Wonder Woman sybol and I sewed it onto her shirt.  I also used felt for the headband, arm bands, and the stars.  The boots are made out of felt material also, but not the felt squares.

I love using felt for costumes!  It is so versatile and easy to use.

The skirt is made out of tulle and elastic.  I just cut pieces of tulle a little more than twice as long as I wanted the skirt and then tied it on the the elastic.  It took two rolls of tulle to make the skirt.  I then sewed felt stars onto it.

The boots were the hardest thing to make.  I used my pattern from making the Jake boots and just adjusted the size.  I wanted these taller and her feet are smaller.  I put a piece of elastic inside that goes under her foot and inside the shoe to hold the boots in place.

My favorite part of the costume is the cape.  I just love how it turned out.


I used silk material to make the cape.  To make the segments I measured out the entire cape onto paper I tapped together to be large enough.  Then I fold the paper in half and in half again.  I then cut it apart.  One of these segments became the red.  I then cut another segment in half again to make the blue and white segments.  I used my paper pattern to cut out the segments and sewed them together.  I cut a little extra on each piece for seam allowance.  For the bottom and edges of the cape I just used a lighter and melted it instead of hemming.

I made button holes on the cape and sewed buttons on the shirt to attach it.  I thought that would hold it in place better than tying it on.

I always have fun making the costumes.  I really love this one and will probably keep it forever!