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We had a Peppa Pig birthday party!  Even though none of the guest had any idea who Peppa Pig is, they all went all with the theme and enjoyed the decorations.

Starting off I sent out this invitation:


It was a little silly, but I had to go along with the naming game of the show.  Peppa Pig, Rebecca Rabbit, Danny Dog, etc.  To get the pictures I watch the show on the computer (Youtube) and screen shot what I want.  Then I use Microsoft Word to edit out what I don’t want and I arrange it on the picture.  I send the invitations out via Facebook and I send one in the mail to anyone who doesn’t have Facebook.  This saves me money and it is handy because the recipient doesn’t lose the invitation.

I love making a special shirt for the birthday child.  I used felt and iron adhesive to attach it to the shirt.  I did add some embroidery floss for embellishment.

dscn3917 dscn3906

I just love her smile in the picture of her sitting down.  To make the shirt I printed out a picture of Peppa.  I then cut it apart (head, dress, arms, etc.) and used those pieces to cut out the felt.  The embroidery floss really made it look like Peppa!

I decided to do a cupcake cake for her.  I wasn’t too optimistic about it because I  have the hardest time getting my icing the right consistency.  But I think it ended up looking really cute!

dscn3896 dscn3892

I decorated the table with a green table cloth to look like grass, a piece of craft paper to look like a muddy puddle, and I placed the cake in the muddy puddle.  I also sprinkled chocolate chips around to look like she had jumped in the mud.  The cups are designed to look like you have a pigs nose when you drink.


I had a few games at the party.  I printed a picture of Peppa, cut off the nose and laminated it for “Pin the nose on Peppa.”  I then printed out a nose for each of the kids.  We also got to jump in muddy puddles!  I just cut craft paper out and used double stick tape to keep it in place.  The games are never a big deal at the parties but I still like to have some sort of activity if the kids want.  They normally just want to play with toys!

dscn3933 dscn3928

My daughter wasn’t too sure how to eat the cupcake, or she just thought you always stick your face in your cake on your birthday!


I will leave you with a cute picture of her blowing out her candles.