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I received this ginormous box from Amazon.  It was filthy so I never even brought it into my house.  I just opened it on the porch and brought the stuff inside.  After weeks of it sitting outside I asked my husband to take it to the curb for trash pick-up.  Thankfully he forgot!  That day the kids discovered it and decided to color on it with sidewalk chalk.

They turned it into a space ship.  They wrote “outer space” on it.  It was really fun to see them blast off.  They would sit inside, count down from ten, and then jump out so they could carry the box around the yard until they arrived in space.

My son discovered that the chalk went on different where the box was wet.  Personally, wet chalk is the only kind I like to use.

Another great use for boxes is letting my son practice his hitting and kicking.

He had fun stacking the boxes and kicking them over.  Or just punching and kicking them around the room.  A much better thing to practice on then his sister…

I don’t have a picture of it, but they also tie a box onto the ride-on train and then pull it around the house.  They have found that if they put a pillow in Little Miss fits perfectly.  So they load her up and take her for a spin!  She loves it.

This is why I never throw out my boxes until they have been fully used.  Eventually, the boxes get torn up and I have to get rid of them.  But with a baby still in diapers a new box arrives every month!