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A few weeks ago was my son’s third birthday!  I can’t believe how big he has gotten.  Every day I am surprised by something he can do that he couldn’t the day before.  His language continues to take huge leaps.  He is getting more and more independent.  I love that he can use the restroom completely by himself.  He picks out his own clothes (within reason) and gets dressed by himself.

*He got himself dressed for the pictures.  After taking some I found out he didn’t have any underwear on!  The pants were also backwards.  Just something to blackmail him with later!*



Current Likes:  Watching Netflix, playing in the sand, pretending, talking, dancing his “hot moves,” taking baths and showers, chocolate and strawberry milk, fruit, superheros, Star Wars, hiding, and brushing his teeth.

Current Dislikes:  Vegetables, sitting still, and being quiet in church.

New accomplishments:  Potty trained, galloping, full set of teeth, talking in complete sentences, coloring specific items instead of just scribbling everywhere, matching, and awesome ninja moves.

Ninja fighting

Ninja fighting

Hot moves

Hot moves


He grew three inches in the last year, added countless words to his vocabulary, gained many new fine and gross motor skills, and has really started getting his own personality.

Happy Birthday!