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Play-Dough is one of my favorite and least favorite toys.  I love for kids to play with it, but I hate touching it myself.  It leaves such a nasty dryness to my hands!  I digress…

Until recently, my son was still trying to eat it.  I don’t know why, it taste awful!  So we didn’t play with it all that often.  Now that he has stopped (for the most part) eating the play-dough we get it out a lot more.

For Christmas I got him some new play-dough toys.  Before he just had kitchen items and cookie cutters to use.  Now he has some actual play-dough toys.  I also added some non traditional items to the options.  I had some jewels from my daughter’s birthday and some googly eyes.  He loves using these props to expand his play.  It helps so we don’t just make snakes and balls.

My son was using the Sesame Street mat and had blue play-dough, he decided to make cookie monster like the picture.  He did a pretty good job making a monster and was proud of his finished product.  I love that it is a 3-D monster and not just a cookie cutter.


It is amazing at how the props you offer affect the product.  It encourages me to allow more objects to be used.  I think I will add pipe cleaners next time and see where the imagination can take us.