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I am not sure why, but my son thinks he needs to wear a cape to be a king.  He normally lets me be the princess and he saves me from what ever danger is near.  Those monsters and dragons and come out of nowhere!

This time he decided his sister was the princess and she needed a cape too!  I love it when they play nicely together.  He was the king and daddy, she was the princess and mommy, and I think I might have been the bad guy.

IMG_2955b My absolute favorite thing he does as king is when he comes up to me and says, “Princess, do you want to dance?” and holds his hand out for me.  How can a mom say no?  Of course, I say yes!

I think my son spends more time in a cape than out of it.  He also wears a cape when he is a Jedi, a superhero, and a worker.  I started using clips I bought to hold a blanket in place for nursing.  I have used them more for capes than I ever did for nursing.  I am glad to get some good out of them.

I love how much imagination he has.  It can be hard to live in his imaginative world sometimes.  I sort of hate being told what to do…  I never want to discourage his imagination.