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This is my favorite shape sorter for my one year old.  We have at least five different shape sorters in our house.  This one is the best because it only has one shape!  It is easy enough for a one year old to be challenged and successful.  I love it.

IMG_2959b IMG_2960b

It comes with several different colors and each color has one “coin” with bumps and one that is smooth (to represent different types of real coins.)  My almost three-year old likes playing with it too.  Even though he can get the shapes in pretty easily, he likes matching the colors and pretending they are his super hero powers (thanks Wild Kratts!)

When she plays with it I leave the door open so she can easily get them back out.  She can open and close it herself, but she gets bored with it faster if she has to do that.  It helps prolong play time just by making the coins easily accessible.

We had this toy in our church nursery and it was always a favorite!  That is probably why it got broken and had to be removed.  =(  So when I found it on sale before Christmas I knew I had to get it.  I am so glad I did.  Someday she will grow up and be able to do the more advanced shape sorters, but for now she loves her piggy bank!


*I paid for this toy and am not receiving any compensation for this post.  I just wanted to let other moms know how great it is!