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Amazon Prime is on sale through 1/17/16.  I am so excited to get in on a good deal as we have been wanting to join forever.  It is on sale for $73 instead of $99.  It is in honor of an Amazon original series getting a Golden Globe award.  Honestly, I don’t care why, I am just so excited to get a discount!

Use this link and I will receive some cash back after you make a purchase. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers some great benefits.  I currently do Subscribe and Save for many household items including diapers and wipes.  Instead of saving the 5% I have been I will now save $20 on diapers and wipes!  Yay!  This membership will pay for itself within the year.  Not even including the free 2-day shipping and Amazon Prime Video and Music.

*If you sign up through the link provided I will get cashback after you make your first purchase.  After you sign up you can share your link with your friends and they can benefit you!  A great deal if you ask me =)