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If someone told me a month ago that my baby would be done nursing by Thanksgiving I would have laughed at them.  I thought for sure it was going to take until after her birthday for her to be done.  Just two weeks ago she had never taken any formula.

So how is she done nursing now?  I think it was a combination of my milk supply diminishing, I was slowly reducing the number of feedings, and her being ready to drink from a cup.  The first time she took a sippy cup of formula I couldn’t believe it.  I kept looking at my husband and pointing to her drinking.  I didn’t dare say anything aloud for fear of her realizing what she was doing!

I first stopped nursing at night.  After just three nights of picking her up and laying her back down she started sleeping through the night.  She goes to bed around 9 and doesn’t wake up until around 9.  It has been so nice to get a full nights sleep for the first time in about three years.

The next step was to drop one feeding at a time during the day.  I was able to drop one every couple of days.  One day, I accidentally forgot to nurse her, we were busy and she didn’t complain, and that is the day she took the formula.

Before I knew it we were down to just a morning feeding.  I felt like she was still getting a little milk at that first feeding, but then a few days later she wasn’t even getting let down.  So, I decided to just quit.  She wasn’t getting anything anyway, so why hold on.

It is a little bit of a bitter sweet moment.  For the first time since July of 2013 my body is only providing for me.  So, I feel a little bit free.  I can drink regular coffee if I want and eat spicy food.  But there is some sadness to it.  It will be a long time before I have another baby I can nurse.


Congratulations to me for making it almost a year!