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Halloween has finally come and gone.  I think all my hard work paid off, all the costumes were adorable.  I may be a little biased though.

My son was a “Lollipop Guild” munchkin from the Wizard of Oz.

DSCN2881 DSCN2888 DSCN2893

My daughter was a “Lullibye League” munchkin.

DSCN2914 DSCN2919 DSCN2921

DSCN2908 DSCN2912

My husband and I went to a costume party.  We are pretty obsessed with Doctor Who.  He was the 11th Doctor and I was the TARDIS.


I made most of the kids costumes from scratch.  I had never made a shirt or pants before and half way through I wondered what I got myself into.  Of course, I try and be as accurate as possible, which meant his shirt needed to be cut at an angle.  And his pants needed pockets.  Nothing can ever be easy, can it?

Her hat was torcher to make.  I kept working on it and then setting it aside, as I couldn’t figure out how to finish it.  I ended up using pipe cleaners, felt, hot glue, fabric, and a lot of tears to make it.  The only thing I didn’t make was the pink shirt (and white tights.)

For my husband’s costume I made the sonic screwdriver and the fez.  I might have to take a picture of just the sonic screwdriver, it is pretty cool.  I made everything on my shirt out of felt and I made the TARDIS light out of a water bottle and tape.

I am pretty proud of my work and thankful for at least a little bit of time that I get to do something I enjoy.