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I got selected for my second Bzz campaign!  Yay! 

This campaign is Children’s Claritin.  My son might have allergies.  I am never sure if it is a cold or allergies.  The symptoms seam to improve when he takes allergy medicine, but I am have not been able to confirm it wasn’t just the end of a cold.

That being said, I had been giving him allergy medicine but it was hard to get him to take it.  I would have to add juice and he would still complain about it being “spicy.”  I love that Children’t Claritin is grape flavored.  He took it without a single complaint!  Now to try and decide if it helps his runny nose…
DISCLAIMER:  I received this product free as a BzzAgent.  In return for the product I am supposed to “bzz” about it, good or bad.