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This year I have made over $50 doing nothing I don’t normally do!  I made that money shopping and doing a few surveys.  I am going to let you know how you can make some money too!

Top CashBack
Top CashBack gives you money when you shop online through their site.  Most sites I visit and shop online have at least 3% cash back at all times.  Often it is more.  You go to their site, click the merchant website you want to shop from, complete your transaction, and wait.  (It takes awhile for the money to actually get to you, but it shows on your account how much you will be getting back and an estimate of when you will receive it.)  Once it is payable you can get it a variety of ways.  I like to get it as an Amazon gift card, they give you and extra 2.5% when you go this route!

Also, if you refer friends and they make purchases you get $10.  They have to make so much in cash back before you get the reward, but it is worth the wait.

Here is my referral link:  http://www.topcashback.com/ref/kelsire
If you sign up from that link I will get $10–eventually.

Swagbucks has a huge variety of ways to get points that you can turn into cash.  I simply follow them on Facebook and once a day (normally) they will post a swagcode that you enter on the site/app.  You get 3-5 swagbucks a day that way.  You have to get to 500 before you can get any rewards.  I like Amazon gift cards =)

You also can get swagbucks by watching videos, surfing the net, shopping (I find I get better rewards shopping through Top CashBack,) and filing out surveys.  They also have a blog and twitter where they post swagcodes.

A bonus on Swagbucks is if a friend you refers earns swagbucks you get 10% for a lifetime!  So even if they only do the daily swagcodes you end up with a few extra swagbucks a week you didn’t even have to work for!

Here is my referral link: www.swagbucks.com/refer/Kelsire

I am excited to share this information with you because everyone loves a little free money =)  I do most of my shopping online from either Walmart or Amazon.  I don’t get cash back from Amazon, I like using smile.amazon.com instead so that a percentage gets donated to the charity of my choice (right now it is my local assistance center.)  You can’t do both.

Ibotta is a rebate website.  You log on, click the rebates of the products you were going to buy anyway, then submit your receipt and you get the rebate.  I don’t buy a lot of name-brand items, so I mainly make money off the “any brand” rebates.  I have still made over $10 in just a few months (plus my $10 bonus for signing up.)

It is easy to sign up and the app is easy to use too.  Just make sure you check your rebates the day you go shopping because they do expire and you have to unlock the rebate before shopping.

If you sign up using my referral link I will be a $5 bonus and you will get a $10 bonus after you redeem your first rebate! https://ibotta.com/r/qcdwifi

Have fun making free money!

*Disclaimer:  If you use the links provided I will receive money or points as I have stated.  It will not allow me to see any purchases you make or any other information other than your username.  I also don’t know how these websites run in other countries, they might not be available to my overseas readers. =)