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For the first time I am going to fill shoeboxes of OCC.  I am really excited about it and decided to fill four.  One for each of my kids and one for each of the kids I babysit.

I went school supply shopping and got a ton of items.  I have also been making animal finger puppets.  So far I have made monkeys and elephants.  I think they are pretty cute, but then again I am probably biased.

I am sure to be posting more about this as the year goes on.  I will also include pictures when I get more made.  I hope to sew a few more items to include.  I have been following them on Pinterest and have a lot of ideas, I just need a lot of time!

I have been really having a hard time getting the five-year olds to understand why I am not making them finger puppets.  It is hard for them to understand that we are sending them to children they don’t know.  I have assured them that if we have material left over I can make them some, but first I am making them as presents.

They did do a really good job thinking of items we could put in the box.  Almost everything they suggested were things I was already planning on, but they came up with a few I hadn’t thought about.  Of course, when they suggested putting my baby in a box and shipping her off I had a good laugh.

I hope as we fill the shoeboxes and let them write a note or color a picture that they will be glad to send nice gifts to a child that they will never meet.