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We finally had to move our son into a toddler bed.  His crib converted by just removing the front rail.  This has been quite the adventure.  As I type, my husband is sitting in the hail supervising our son.  It has already been at least thirty minutes since we told him goodnight.

Some nights it takes thirty minutes before he finally settles down and goes to sleep, other nights it is an hour and a half.  We used to kiss him goodnight, walk away, and that was that.  This has really cut into our schedules.


We have not found the magically way to get him to stay in bed.  We have tried EVERYTHING.  And nothing seems to work.  A few times he has stayed in bed, but it was because he was already asleep when we got home…

I am really hoping this phase ends soon and that he realizes we mean business.  We are not going to let him roam the house and that we want to go to bed!