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I am not a professional photographer.  I do not have any special equipment.  I have no training.  I have never been good at taking pictures of people.  So, it was probably crazy to try and take my daughter’s six month pictures myself.  Thankfully, they turned out great!

Here are a few tips that anyone can do to make your pictures look more professional.

1) Invest in a backdrop.  It doesn’t have to be the most expensive.  I spent about $10.  But having an actual backdrop instead of a sheet made a huge different in my pictures.

Backdrop and chair

Backdrop and chair

2) Use natural lighthing.  I placed my daughter in front of an open door and did not use flash.  The lighting couldn’t have been better in my pictures.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting

With flash.  Yikes!  Look at the glare.

With flash. Yikes! Look at the glare.

3) Invest in props.  I spent about $30 on the chair in the pictures.  It was something she could use as she grew up so I didn’t see it as a waste.  Plus, the chair is adorable!

4) Timing is everything.  I planned the best time for the pictures.  For her it was after her feeding time after nap.  So she was well rested and full.

6) Edit your pictures using Picmonkey.com.  I love using this site.  It is free and easy to use.  (If you want to buy a subscription there are a ton of extra features, I find there is enough variety on the free version.)



After--Notice the orange wall has been cropped and the picture is a little straighter

After–Notice the orange wall has been cropped and the picture is a little straighter

7) Have a helper.  My husband helped me with the pictures.  He moved things around, he stood behind me making faces, he adjusted the curtain, etc.  It helped so much that I didn’t have to stop and do those things.  I was able to catch some really good pictures I would have missed.

Let me know if you find my tips helpful.  These are definitely the best pictures I have taken of a person to date.

*I do not receive any compensation from any of the sites endorsed.  I just love the product and want you to know about it!