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As fast as our baby is growing I am really enjoying that she is staying a “baby” a lot longer than her brother.  She is such a content baby.  I can put her in the swing, bouncer, high chair, jumparoo, or just laying on the floor and a lot of the time she will just smile and play.  Not always, of course.

She is now weighing in at over 15 pounds.  But is still fitting nicely in her 3-6 month clothes.  She even has some 0-3 month clothes she can wear, mainly the pants.

She is still taking three naps a day.  Her main nap (which is normally about 2 hours) is at the same time her brother, and the kids I babysit, nap.  That is a life saver.  I think I would go completely insane if I didn’t get a little bit of time to myself a day.


She is a pretty quiet baby.  She does babble, but is normally pretty content to be quiet.  We were driving on Mother’s Day and she decdied that would be a perfect time to babble “dada.”  My husband and I looked at each other and I told him “No, she did not just say dad on Mother’s Day!”  Of course, she did it again later with more witnesses.


Current Likes: Car rides, mommy, being talked to, and being tickled.

Current Dislikes: (Same as last time) Getting her nose wiped, being held by anyone not classified as an “adult,” and tummy time.

New Accomplishments: Consistently rolling from her back to tummy, using her elbows to help hold her head up more, scooting forward when on tummy, more babbling, and sitting for a second or two without help.

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Next month she will start eating food!  She mimics us eating while at the table.  It is pretty cute.  So I know she is getting ready for food.  I am not.  Nursing and table feeding a baby takes forever!  Oh well, I can’t keep her on milk forever.