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As mentioned in my previous post I am a BzzAgent.  I was given this product for free to try and review.   All opinions are my own.

This review is of a product of a personal nature, so if you are a realtive and don’t want to be ‘enlightened’ then you might want to stop reading now.

I recieved the product to try for free.  In the box there were also coupons for me to pass out.  Again, I received this product free!  Yay for free stuff.


I feel this product needs to be reviewed as one product, but also each part individually.  On a five star scale I would give the entire trimmer-razor combo 2 stars.  However, I would give the trimmer part (if it were a separate product) 4 stars.  I would give the razor (if it were a separate product) 2 stars.

The Razor:
Pros: Close shave                                  Cons: Razor head is too big for smaller areas
Piviting head                                           Too much mosterizing lotion
Left me with smooth legs                        Handle is too big and bulky
Kept bumping trimmer on

The Trimmer:
Pros: Easy to clean                               Cons: Razor cut me while trimming
Easy to use                                             Needs a longer length option
Length options                                        Handle is too big and bulky
Worked great
Battery included

I was really thankful that there were instructions.  Doesn’t seem nesesary, but when I took it out of the box and pushed the power button I thought it was really dumb that you had to hold the button down the entire time.  Then, when I read the instructions it clearly stats to push harder until it stays on.  Yay!  Made it so much easier.

IMG_1318 IMG_1319

The question is, “Would I purchase this again?”  The answer is yes.  Not for the razor.  I am just fine with my cheap disposables, but for the trimmer.  *If they make a trimmer separate from the razor I would definitely purchase it.*  I never even knew a product like this exsisted.  Now I am not sure I can live without it!

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Pretty easy!  Go be a BzzAgent and get free stuff!