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My pastor started a sermon series on chaos.  He said that life happens in the chaos.  Jesus was not born into a calm orderly world.  He was born in a barn full of chaos.  And everything after His birth continued to be chaotic.  (I missed part of the sermon due to having to feed the baby, he explained it much better I am sure!)

My life is very chaotic right now.  I have been feeling overwheled with raising my two kids while babysitting two more.  I have felt like I never get to put my needs as a priority because the kids need something.  Lunch? “Yeah, I will eat when the kids are asleep.”  “Kids are all asleep, now I can eat.”  Cue baby crying.  “Guess I will eat at snack time.”  


Today, while I was trying to make lunch for the kids the baby would not stop crying.  I don’t like to hold her while I am cooking because I don’t want her to get burned.  So I let her cry.  The older kids kept telling me she was crying.  As if I couldn’t hear.  It was hard to hear anything but her crying!  Then, as if that was chaotic enough, my toddler had to go potty.  But did he tell me before he wet his pants?  No.  So I had to stop everything and get him changed.  I couldn’t find the wet spot on the floor, so I just decided to wait to clean it.  I knew someone would find it eventually.  And they did, when I was trying to feed the baby and get her to sleep.

Symbol of chaos



But today, thanks to the sermon, on Sunday I did not get overwhelmed.  I did not let my emotions take over.  I stayed calm and delt with it as if it was on the schedule.  Today, I asked Jesus to help me through the chaos.  To be here with me during the chaos.  And He was.  The calm wasn’t from me.  I get frustrated way to fast.  The calm could have come only from one place.  And I am so thankful that I have a Savior I can call on to help me through my days.  To help me be the best mom and babysitter and wife I can be.