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We finally did it.  We got all our debt paid!! *except the house

I was a little worried about having a second baby.  The hospital and doctor bills alone are ridiculous.  Then, add in the diapers and clothes and eventually food.  It cost a lot to have a baby.  We didn’t have much wiggle room in our monthly budget.  My husband would sometimes have to work overtime just to pay all the bills.

We have been working towards being debt free for almost five years.  I wrote about budgeting a few years ago.  Not too long after we got married we took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) class.  It got us thinking about how much more we could do after we got our student loans paid off.  We were already doing pretty good by not having credit card debt.  We did have a credit card, which we cut up before the end of the class.  We also had a car payment.

Last month we got the last of the student loans paid.  We gave ourselves a raise!  It is amazing at how much more we can do now.  That money was going out every month.  Same amount.  Every month.  Gone.  I tried not to think about it because there was nothing I could do.  Now that we get to spend that money on what we want we are glad to be done making the payment!

We have already seen the benefit of being debt free as we can go out to eat with our church on Sundays.  Before we didn’t have the extra money.  We would have missed out on great fellowship.

The pit fall?  Murphy has moved in!  Since being debt free my husband’s computer screen got cracked, we wrecked our car, my son had an ER visit, the taillights in our truck (currently our only vehicle) went out, and our heater stopped working.  We have been under attack!  But we haven’t had to freak out about where the money was going to come from.  We had it in savings.  We even have extra in our budget so we can restore our savings pretty quickly.

I am so thankful we were given the opportunity early in our marriage to take FPU and get us going on the right track.  Without the class I don’t think I would have ever gotten my husband on board with helping make good financial decisions.


*Disclaimer.  We paid for our FPU class.  We have not received any compensation.  I am just really thankful for the class and want to tell others about it!