Today is day three of no diapers.  After the last month of my son screaming every time we tried to make him pee on the potty he decided it was time.  Time to be done with diapers.

I realized the only reason he wasn’t actually potty trained is because I keep taking the easy route and I put diapers on him.  It was easier, for me.  I couldn’t take the easy route anymore.  It was time to put him in big boy underwear.

He has had only two accidents.  Both times as soon as he started going potty he looked at me and said potty and ran to the bathroom.  That shows me he is really ready.

He has actually had dry diapers after nap the last two days.  He was even dry this morning when he woke up!  I am not even trying to potty train him at night yet.  But I guess he has gotten really good control of his bladder.

I know that kids (especially boys) seem to have a regression on potty training before being completely ready for underwear all the time.  But I am taking this as a good sign of readiness.

The thing that is making it successful this time is his ability to say “potty.”  He can verbalize when he needs to go.  There is no mistaken what he is saying either.  It can be a little embarrassing when he says it a little too loudly in church.  But still, at least he is telling me what he needs so that we can ditch the diapers for good!

I like to have pictures with my post, but not really sure I want a picture of him on the potty on the internet.  So, I will go with a picture I took last night of him playing “tar” with my husband.  He had a lot of fun!  (He was in underwear on our bed, I was a nervous wreck!)