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Life has been hectic.  Just flat out crazy, lately.  Not really sure why.  I guess adding a new baby and starting a new church just make things go a little less smoothly.

Part of the craziness is that we have had so much sickness in our house this year.  We made it through over 5 years of marriage without my husband ever getting sick.  Well, the streak has ended.  He has been sick more than anyone else in the family.  He must be catching all the bugs from work.  You know, those people don’t call in and stay home when they are sick, they bring it with them to get everyone else sick.  People with young children.  People whose families depend on them going to work so they can support their family.  Yeah, but the people that go to work sick don’t think about that, do they?  *End rant*

Okay, back to what I was on here to actually write about.  Our baby has turned three months old.

All ready for bed.

All ready for bed.

Current Likes: Being swung in her car seat, being talked to, & bath time.

Current Dislikes: Getting her face wiped, getting over stimulated, & her brother touching her or holding her or getting to close to her.

New Accomplishments: Laughing (there isn’t a sweeter sound in the world,) & grasping objects and bringing them to her mouth.

I seriously am the worst baby photographer ever.  This girl is going to grow up with a complex because every baby picture of her she is crying.


First attempt to take pictures… Only “good” one with her next to the elephant for length.


I guess she wanted her legs up like the elephant. They look about the same size here.


Holding her head up.


Aww, some smiles.

This girl is going to be spoiled rotten.  It is hard to resist her sweet smile.  Now we need to work on getting her to roll over, which she currently has no interest in.  Her brother was nice enough the other day to “help” her.  He would grab her shirt and push her while saying “ro.”  Not sure that is how she is going to learn.