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On January 10th our baby girl turned one month old.  I really cannot express how much life changed in that first month.  I feel everyone, including the toddler, has adjusted pretty well.  I am so lucky to have two amazing children.

Baby girl has slept through the night more than once, and will give me at least one five-hour stretch every night.  She also takes a three-hour nap every day at the same time my toddler takes his nap.  I am not sure how I got so lucky!

She decided to scream the entire time I was taking her picture…oh well.

Here are a few of my favorites anyway.  We are using the purple elephant to measure her for the first year.


Trying to hold her head up.


She is so long!


A smile and a tear =)



Current Likes: Nursing, sleeping, being sung too, bath time, laying on the diaper table, riding in the car, and looking at lights.

Current Dislikes: Being bumped (seriously, she screams if you just barely bump her!), taking a bottle, and having her face cleaned.

New Accomplishments:  Started holding her head on her own some, putting herself to sleep sometimes, and smiling (she has the sweetest smile, maybe someday I can catch it on camera!.)

We think she is pretty special.  I love how well she has fit into our lives.