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It amazes me at how different our two children were as infants.  My son was an eater.  He ate every two hours for the first three months.  And I mean every-two-hours.  It was so exhausting.  Finally at three months he started going four at night between feedings.  My little girl is a sleeper.  I have had to wake her up sometimes to eat.  That goes against my #1 rule- Never wake a baby.  We have had a few nights where she slept all night.  Most nights I get a five hour window of sleep and then another three hour.

The differences do not stop there.  My son never refused to eat.  If I offered he took it.  He also peed and pooed a lot.  I was changing his diaper 12-15 times a day.  It was crazy.  He had super sensitive skin and would get a rash really fast.  We never had any problems with him latching.  He came out starving and taught me what to do!  He wouldn’t take a bottle from my husband, only me or my mom.  Which was really strange and frustrating as the point of giving him a bottle was to give me a break.  He never had any signs of hungry before he would cry.  He could wake from a dead sleep screaming because he was hungry.

Things are different this time.  She only eats when she is hungry.  This means she will sometimes only eat from one side and refuse the other.  Of course, she normally wants it in about half an hour, but at the time she will just cry and sometimes even gag if I try to make her keep eating.  She pees and poops a normal amount, but I do not have to change her near as much.  She often falls sound asleep right after filling her diaper.  She gets this look of pure contentment and then she is out.  So far she has not had a diaper rash and we have been able to use wipes.  We still use sensitive wipes because I am not risking anything else with my son and I am not buying two different kinds.  I still have some trouble with her latching.  I have to stroke her cheek sometimes to get her to close her mouth and latch.  She has taken a bottle very well from my husband.  We have only tried it a few times, but so far neither one of them cried about it, hehe.  =)  This girl roots like it is no ones business.  I have tried to kiss her cheek when she is hungry and she turns so fast I end up kissing her open mouth.  Thanks honey, I was trying to prevent spreading any germs to you, but sure I will kiss you right on the mouth.

I guess I should have figured they would be different.  My pregnancy was very different with both of them.  I am very glad they are different.  I was so exhausted with my first for months.  This time I am even getting to take naps almost every day.  It amazes me that I get both kids to sleep for nap at the same time.  It is like she got so used to my schedule before she was born that it is just natural for her.  I hope it continues to go this great.  I have less than a month before I start babysitting again.  I am looking forward to the kids coming back, but I am also enjoying the laid-backness (I know, not a word, but you get the point, right?) of our life right now.