It was just a few weeks ago when my toddler first decided to pee on the potty.  Since then he has really gotten good at going on the toilet.  (Toilet and potty will be used interchangeably in this post.)  I couldn’t believe when he pooped on the potty for a week straight.  It has been so nice to not have to change those diapers!!

We decided to go ahead with potty training.  He doesn’t hold it yet, but he does tell us sometimes when he needs to go.  He has also gone at places away from home.  It is amazing what a child will do for a high five.

One thing most people suggest for successful potty training is a reward.  He is too young to understand a sticker chart.  The high fives works pretty well, but I wanted something a little better.  I started giving him chocolate, or “hot co,” as he calls it.  I think it will work pretty well, I just need to buy some more M&M’s.

I purchased some underwear for him.  I am glad I introduced them early.  He got really mad when I tried to put them on him.  I had him wear a pair all day over his diaper.  Hopefully, by the time we start -next week- with really training he will be used to them and maybe even excited about it.

I know that he is pretty young for potty training, but he is showing many signs of being ready and I don’t want to miss it.  If it doesn’t work out now I am still glad that he is using the toilet some and making less diapers for me to change.