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Today was my first day home with both children without help. I was a little worried about my husband going back to work. The baby isn’t on a set schedule yet and I thought that might really mess up my toddler’s schedule. However, it was a great day! We got to sleep in like normal and every one took a nap at the same time! That means I got a nap too!

We had a visit from a nurse from the Health Department. I figured beings it is offered and free I might as well have company =) My baby is almost back to her birth weight at 8lb 7oz. The only concern is keeping her awake while she nurses. She will fall asleep after a short time, then a little while later she wants to eat again. Sometimes it takes an hour for a feeding because of that.

We did have a little jealousy issue this morning. I think someone had gotten used to his dad being home and didn’t like having to share me. But he got over it fairly quickly, I may have bribed him with crackers =)

Right now I am waiting on the baby to wake up to eat before I go to bed. She is a pretty good sleeper. The first night home was a little rough, but since then she has been great about sleeping he her crib.

Here is my favorite picture of her so far.


I will have to get on the computer to post more pictures, trust me, I have lots!