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As I near the birth of my daughter I can look back and reflect on how much being pregnant really cost.  Of course there are doctor bills and maternity clothes to buy, but there are so many hidden cost that you might not think of.

1) Medicines and vitamins
While I am pregnant I am on more medicine than ever.  I have prenatal vitamins, heartburn medicine, iron supplements, and nausea meds.  These things add up!

2) Drinking water
Thankfully, I purchased a pitcher that filters water for really cheap to help save some of this cost.  However, the filter replacements are kind of pricey.  -Still a lot cheaper than buying water bottles.-  I am now drinking at least 80 oz of water a day.  This really goes through the filters fast.

3) Gas
The frequent trips to the doctor really add up when it comes to gas.  Especially, now that I am on weekly visits this will really add up.  We live about 30 minutes away from the doctor.

4) Water bill
All those extra trips to the bathroom have raised our water bill!  Thankfully, water is pretty cheap so it has only increased by a few dollars a month.

5) Toilet Paper
That stuff is expensive!  Extra trips to the bathroom also mean extra toilet paper usage.  I can not believe how fast we go through a roll now.  I have even started replacing the roll myself…for whatever reason I hate putting a new roll on and normally would leave it for my husband.  Of course, he can’t understand why I wouldn’t just take two seconds to put it on.  I guess it is my way of getting him back for leaving his clothes on the bathroom floor.

The last one is my favorite.  =)