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I may be strange, but I find all the articles out there about how to treat a new mom ridiculous. They all basically say the same thing, “A new mom doesn’t want to see you unless you are there to do something nice for her. And, if you want to see the baby there is a series of task to complete first.”
So I have decided to make a list of my own.

1) Visit me and the baby at the hospital. I may look like crap, fall asleep in the middle of your story, and possible not even remember you ever came, but the hospital is boring! Please, come hold the baby and entertain me for a little while.

2) When you come to visit me at my house do not clean up or do my laundry. It will stress me out because there is no way you will ever do it the way I want it done, so don’t even try. Just come hold the baby. And if you really want to be nice also babysit the toddler so I can go take a nap!

3) Don’t bring food unless you have asked me what to bring and how to make it! We are picky eaters and I would hate for your food to go to waste.

4) I will not ask you for a personal health history. If you are sick, make the call to wait until you feel better. If you do stop by, try not to cough all over the baby and we will be good. I trust your judgment.

5) Do not hand the baby back the second she starts to cry. Crying for a minute or so won’t hurt her. Exception: If I tell you she is hungry then give her to me so I can feed her, you don’t like to wait for your food neither does she.

6) I am really, really, really bad at thank-you notes. If you visit and bring a gift but never get a note saying thanks, I am sorry. I hope I said thanks when you gave the gift to us, please understand that might be all you get.

7) Do not suggest I give the baby a pacifier! Don’t even hint at it.

Like I said, my rules basically go against everyone else. I am a very unique individual. =)