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I took the advantage of nap time to clean out my sewing box. Last Christmas I got a new tub to put all my fabric in. Since then my sewing box has been a mess. Well, it was a mess before too!
I decided that it would be good idea to get it clean. Hopefully, this will save me time in the future.

(The small sewing machine in the box is my extra. I got it to take to college.)
Now, if I just took the time to clean my sewing desk I might really be productive!

My sewing machine didn’t make it in the picture. It is off to the left, pushed in the corner. =(
I have so many projects waiting to be started/finished. {Winter poncho for baby girl, crib skirt, bday present for my nephew, Halloween costume, nursing cover-up, and changing table cover.} I have some ideas for a few other projects I just don’t have the material for them.
Wow, writing the list down really makes me realize I have to get busy!
Glad I got my sewing box organized. 😉