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Let me start off by saying, my dad makes the best salsa in the world! The only problem, my son doesn’t like it! I think it is too spicy for him.
The other day we ran out, so I was forced to buy nasty salsa from the store. Do people really like this stuff? Anyway, my son loves it! I think it is because it is so bland that he enjoys it. So he has been eating his salsa while we have the good stuff.

It is made of vegetables, so I figure if he will eat it he is getting some nourishment. He doesn’t like too many vegetables. Green beans and pea are about the only ones he will eat. He doesn’t even like starchy ones like potatoes! So, I am declaring salsa a vegetable and feeding it to him and I am not going to feel guilty!
Side note: I tried to make my dad’s salsa and failed. I followed the recipe exactly! (For me, that is saying a lot.) I am hoping he can taste it and tell me what I did wrong. =) I am going to go enjoy my tacos, chips, and “vegetables” now.