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I cannot stop my child from climbing on everything. He has learned how to push a kitchen chair up to the counter to climb up. He climbs on the couch, then slides down over the arm to the floor. It is not safe! I have tried moving things around, time out, removing things from the room, and not stopping him so he will have natural consequences of falling, all with no luck.

Now he has started to climb and stand on his tricycle.



Here he has devised a plan. He wants to sit on his chair on top of the table. So he put it up there and moved the tricycle into place. It took him several tries to get the tricycle to stay in place for him to stand to get on the table.



After I moved his tricycle out of the room and took the chair off the table he put the chair back and pushed the climber over to the table. I think he found that much easier because he got up on the second try.


Now, I moved the tables and he is trying to put the chair on the riding train. He is throwing a fit because it won’t stay.


A much safer option. I took the cushion off the chair and put his chair on. He used the train to climb, even though it is low enough he could have climbed the chair without it, and now he is trying to get the train on the chair with him.

All of this has happened in the last 20 minutes with me and my husband in the same room. Imagine what he does when we aren’t looking!

The only good thing about it all is I can tell he is learning. He is making a plan and following through on it. He is problem solving. He is obviously using his motor skills.

I am just hoping we don’t end up in the ER for stitches or a broken bone!