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My husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary by taking a small trip by ourselves.  It was harder for my husband to leave our child for the weekend than it was for me.  But then again, the longest I had gotten to be away from him in the last 15 months was 24 hours, so I was ready to get away!

Abe 1

He had a great time without us and didn’t seem to miss us at all!  He was really happy to see us when we picked him up.  He saw us from the window and started waving and got really excited.  It made us feel good =)

We had a good time away.  We went to a dine-in movie theater.  I didn’t know those were real, I thought they were just in the movies!

We also went to an outdoor Broadway Theater and saw The Sound of Music.  They did a really good job, it was like watching the movie.

The big part of the trip was getting all dressed up for a fancy dinner.

five year anniversary 1

Baby bump!

Baby bump!

Overall, we had a great time getting away.  We were glad to get our little boy back.  I forgot how lazy you can be when you don’t have a child to take care of!