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Today my husband and I actually got outside to clean the outside of our house and yard. The weeds, cobwebs, and dirt had accumulated. I know it isn’t Spring anymore, but Summer cleaning just sounds miserable.

I was really surprised with how much we got done during nap time (yes, I skipped my nap again.) Once the baby woke up we let him help. He had a lot of fun with the soapy water from washing the car. He washed the cement and then he cleaned our geodes. It was pretty cute, too bad I didn’t think to get a picture.



You can’t really tell anything from these pictures, but I was really proud of what we got done.

I have the week off from babysitting, so I am hoping I can get the inside clean too. I can’t remember the last time I dusted…

Right now my husband and son are watching “What’s in the Bible?” Guess I should go join them.