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Being pregnant is exhausting. If I don’t take a nap I can hardly function. I have never experienced the “burst of energy during the second trimester.” I am just tired the entire time.

The problem with taking a nap every day is that is the best time to get stuff done. Just about every task is made harder when a toddler is undoing every thing you just did. Yesterday, I chose not to nap. By the time my husband got home I was falling asleep on the couch.

After supper my husband gave me an hour to myself last evening to get some sewing done. It was nice to be able to fix the holes in some of his pants hat really needed it. I think we might start making it a weekly thing. Of course, time to myself after the baby is born will be impossible, but it might work for now.

^Creepy mom picture of my son sleeping last night =)