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Today my son decided he did not want to eat lunch I guess, as he threw it all on the floor.  I gave him a second chance and more went on the floor.  I even tried putting the food on the fork and handing it to him.  It wasn’t a lot of fun to clean eggs and banana.  It didn’t help that the children I babysit were laughing about it.  I should have taken a picture, but that probably would have encouraged it even more.  There were eggs as far as five feet away!

He has had less of an appetite lately, I guess he is currently not going through a growth spurt.  He still has plenty of energy, so I guess he is still getting the needed calories.  I am glad he always drinks his milk.  I think he would drink an entire gallon a day if I let him.  He wakes up in the morning and the first thing he says is “Milk?”

Tonight we are going to be eating outside.  We are having watermelon and he makes quite a mess with it.  He ate three or four pieces the other day at a birthday party.  I knew he was finished when he started throwing it on the ground…Wait, there seems to be a trend =)

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I will be glad when this stage is over.  I just hope he figures out really soon that when he throws his food he doesn’t get to eat it, so he is still hungry.  He has always been such a good eater, so I think this should be enough motivation for him to keep it on his plate…Hopefully.