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There are many advantages to using a toddler tub instead of the bath tub. I really liked that it didn’t take much water to fill and it was easy to keep the water warm. I also didn’t have to worry about him unplugging the tub and losing all his water.

However, there were many signs that he was ready for a big boy bath. He constantly was standing up and often falling and hitting his head. He started to crawl out of the tub. And, he filled the tub so there wasn’t much room for play.

He has now had two baths in the big tub and loves it. He really likes having water to splash on mommy. I do not like it as much as him. In fact, I got a poncho out! I hate getting wet. He still stands up (I think this is a pretty normal battle) but, there is less chance of him getting hurt now.

He is experimenting with getting water on his face. He lays on his belly and slowly puts some of his face under. He has tried laying back, but quickly discovered he would get water in his ears and has decided against it.


I can’t wait for balance to be restored in my home where I do the cooking and cleaning and my husband does bath time, until then, I will wear my poncho and suffer through.