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My house is stuck in a food rut.  We eat the same boring things almost everyday.  A lot of the problem is my pregnancy aversion to most food, especially meat.  For lunch I eat either a salad or grilled cheese.  I was eating quesadillas, but those started upsetting my stomach.  My son eats eggs, quesadilla, or grilled cheese almost every day.  Sometimes we have left overs, but not very often right now because of our small selection of supper foods.

We need help!  Currently the things I can eat for supper are: tacos, cheeseburgers, baked potatoes, maid-rite, pizza, pizza, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes.  As you can tell, not much variety, and the only meat is hamburger.  Oh, and turkey, I can eat turkey, but there is no way I can cook one!  Just the thought of looking at raw meat turns my stomach.

I am asking out of desperation for my husband, myself, and our baby for help.  We don’t eat vegetables (I know, we should) so I don’t really want any suggestions on that, but if any one has any non-meat meals they eat and love can you let me know.  It should be a meal that is easy to prepare as my husband has to do it after he has worked all day.