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mickey mouse bday ideas

My baby loved his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday!  Okay, he loved all the attention he got from everyone at the party.  But the guests all thought the party was cute.  My goal was to make it themed but to not go overboard.  I think I struck a pretty good balance.  I got a lot of ideas off Pinterest, but found every idea listed on several sites so I will not be linking to any of them.

First impressions of the party are the front door.  To make my front door look like the shoe of the Clubhouse I used a yellow table cloth.  The sign says “Come inside it’s fun inside!”  For this sign I used fun colors and a Mickey Mouse font.  I used several different font downloads for the party.  They are all free to download and once downloaded you can use them in Microsoft Word.


On the mailbox I put a sign that says “The Party is Here” in the same font as the sign for the door.  I also made Mickey pants balloons by putting white circle stickers I found at the dollar store on the balloons to look like the buttons.


I loved the way his shirt turned out!  It was very easy to make.  The hardest part was finding a red shirt!  I used felt to make the Mickey and the one.  I printed out a mickey shape and cut him out of black.  I used the Mickey font to make the one.  Use embroidery floss to sew the one onto the Mickey first (I didn’t do that and it was a lot harder to get the one on.)  You can separate the floss into three pieces to make it easier to sew (I found that out after also!)  You can use hemming tape to attach the Mickey to the shirt first, that way it stays where you want it.  The shirt probably took me about two hours.  I always figure out the easier way to do things after I am done!  I could probably do it again in an hour.  Live and Learn!


cake table

My mom made the castle cake and the Mickey Mouse cupcakes.  She made the castle cake look like the cake she made for my first birthday.  The Mickey cupcakes have hidden Mickey’s in the inside.  She made them out of white cake with a brownies inside.  The top is crushed Oreos with mini Oreos as the ears.  They were so cute and delicious!  The castle cake was a chocolate cake and it was really good too.  The Mickey Mouse cake I made.  I really didn’t do a very good job, I was so glad I only had to make one of them!  His “smash cake” was funfetti.  I printed a Mickey shape and cut a round cake into the shape.  I used black writing icing from a tube to outline Mickey.  To decorate the cake table I made Mickey confetti.  I purchased a Mickey hole punch and a multi-pack of card stock from the craft store.

DSC_0223 DSC_0123DSC_0121DSC_0124

This is a month-by-month photo stream.  I printed a horizontal picture of each month.  I printed a Mickey shape out and traced and cut 13 of them out (Newborn-12 months.)  I used the Mickey font to make the numbers for each Mickey, then cut them out and glued them on.  I attached the string with hot glue, then I used a little Mickey confetti to attach the picture to the Mickey.  If I were to do it again I would alternate horizontal pictures with vertical ones to save space.  There were two nails on the wall above the banner so I decided to hang the “Canvas” pictures above it.


These letters were my favorite!  Behind the cake table I made my son’s name in “Disney Junior” looking letters.  When you watch Disney Junior you will notice that for each show they decorate the word Junior.  For the sake of not putting my son’s name on my blog, here are two of the letters that I made.

100_9136 100_9134

The “E” is Donald and the “A” is obviously Mickey.  To make these I took a lot of time to brainstorm the best way to get all the characteristics of the characters into the letters.  I drew them out several times on paper first.  Then I printed the letters as large as I could in Mickey font.  I colored them with crayons to use as my stencil.  I then traced the letters onto card stock.  I cut apart my stencils so I could trace the exact shape that was needed onto each color of card stock.  I used modpodge to attach the pieces onto the letter.  For the “A” I used a base of red and only had to cut out white circles and the black top.  For the “E” I used a base of red again.  Getting this one to line up was a lot harder than I expected.  But I was pretty happy with the results.

Just for fun I arranged the plates to look like Mickey.  Not a huge deal, but it was easy to do and you have to have plates so why not make them look cute!


I did not get a good picture of the next part =(  This is the picture puzzle.  I made it out of card stock and then I printed some pictures and cut them into four pieces.


I filled all the balloons with Mickey confetti for my nephew to pop at the end.  Just another fun detail.


The birthday invitation was a good way to let the guest know the “theme” of the party.  I used Netflix to grab screenshots of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to use on the invitation.  I then used the Mickey fonts to add the information.  I printed these on black folded note cards.  I am having trouble finding more cards to buy, I had them for years.  Click on the link to view the invitation in .pdf form.

bday invitation

I had a lot of fun preparing for his party and was so glad everything turned out!