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In less than one month my baby will be 1 year old! I really cannot believe it has been a year.  The time has flown by.  Measured month by month as my baby grew and changed.  Hour by hour as his schedule changed.  And night by night as there were a few I got to sleep all the way through =)

At some point in the last month he has conquered one of the biggest milestones to date.  He has officially gone from taking steps to walking!  I am not sure exactly when it happened.  I wasn’t sure what to count as walking.  Was it when he would push off from the couch himself and start walking?  What about when he made it across the room by himself?  I am still not sure when it happened, but I know it did.



Current Likes: Climbing, climbing, climbing!  I guess he is going to have strong legs!  Pulling everything off the shelves (books, DVD’s, toys), and banging toys on the wall.

Current Dislikes: Being expected to walk when he just wants to be carried, vegetables, cheese (he went from loving it to hating it!), not being allowed to pull everything off the shelf =)

New Accomplishments:  Walking, eating bigger pieces of food by himself, and “using” a spoon.



Getting so big!

Getting so big!

He has reached the maximum height for his bucket car seat so we decided to move him up to the convertible.  I am not thrilled with our new car seat.  I bought it so that we could save and not have to buy two car seats.  If I could go back and do it again I am not sure if I would buy the same one.  I don’t like that we have to roll a towel under it to get it to recline to the proper position (I have read the manual for it and the car, it is installed properly.)  The chest buckle is so much bigger than the bucket seat that it covers his entire chest.  Anyway, we have it installed and have been using it.  I don’t think my husband has buckled him in it yet and I don’t think he will like it at all.



I just love this kid.