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I am having trouble starting this post, I have started it several times and keep erasing.  I could say that it is hard to believe that our baby is ten months old, or that the last ten months have been the best months of my life.  But I didn’t feel like being cliché.  So instead, I started off with admitting that these post don’t always just fly off the keyboard.


This might be the best picture I have gotten with him and his monkey!

Anyway, our baby turned 10 months old.  I posted an update in the middle of last month so there isn’t that much new to report.  One thing I am surprised about is that he is not walking yet!  I thought for sure he would be walking by nine months after he started pulling up at seven.  But here we are, ten months, and I still don’t have a walker.  He can take steps, seven at most.  And he tries all the time.  He will stand and then start towards what he wants, but then he falls down (gracefully sometimes, others not so much.)  He wants to walk but he just hasn’t mastered it yet.  He has figured out how to take a few steps then stop to catch his balance before starting again.  Which is better than when he would take two steps then basically lunge towards you.

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Current Likes: Peek-a-boo, bananas, kisses, crawling into the bathroom, bath time, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (All the same as last time)
Plus: Pulling the curtains to look behind them, the remote, talking on the phone, saying “da-da” to me, and the iPad.

Current Dislikes: Carrots, broccoli, being left in a room by himself for even a second, the snow, and having a dirty diaper (he will NOT go to sleep if he is dirty, probably a good thing).

New Accomplishments:  Taking up to seven steps, clapping, dancing to music by bouncing or waving his hands around, eating more and more table food, saying “Tink ou” (that is baby for thank you) when you hand him something, and letting go when he hands you a toy but then being and Indian giver and taking it right back!

I took a lot of video this last month of him walking.  I am not very good at videotaping by myself.  I would get it all set up, tape, and then when I watched the video we were headless.  Oh well.

I have started planning his birthday party.  Right now I have about 20 things “liked” on Pinterest and three sticky notes started.  I like to plan on post-its.  I have been told this is not a good idea…


Sliding down his slide

Sliding down his slide

I think that about covers it.  =)