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Before this month began I warned my husband that it was going to be a month of big changes for our baby. Reading about this age there are so many more things they can do now that they couldn’t a month ago. But, I still was not ready for it!

In the past few weeks our baby has learned how to clap his hands. It is so cute, if you say “Yay” he starts to clap his hands. He also claps when music is playing or when he seems particularly proud of himself. It is pretty cute.

He has also changed in how he plays. He investigates the things around him. Sometimes it is how to push a button or more a lever on his toys, sometimes it is the DVDs in the entertainment center, and often it is the bookshelf. He likes to see how fast he can pull everything off the shelf! The biggest change is how he plays with us. He has been playing peek-a-boo with us for awhile. Even doing it himself with a bib or sock. But now he is interacting. He crawls away from you as fast as he can, then we you turn and crawl away from him he chases you! We chased each other around a chair for probably thirty minutes. He hasn’t figured out he is supposed to catch you, yet. If he gets close he turns around and goes the other way.

Needless to say, play time has never been more fun! I love watching him figure out how to do something. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head as he looks at the lever. Or as he reaches and stretches to get the book that is just out of his reach. The way he turns the pages in a book faster than you can read them is very entertaining. When we read his bedtime book he does not just turn the page, he closes the book. I am not sure if that means he does not like the book, or if he thinks that if he closes the book he won’t have to go to bed. Unfortunately for him, we have the book memorized and don’t need to see the pages so he hears the story and goes to bed anyway. =)

I am really enjoying the morning playtime with him now more than ever. When I babysit he doesn’t get as much freedom to explore, so I try to maximize the morning time. Some days he happily plays on his own, others he is at my side the entire time. I try to let him set the tone and take my cues from him. When you only have one child that is something you can do. I know my next children won’t have that luxury.

“Is this how you use this toy?”