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I have been talking about making a blanket poncho for my baby all winter. We only carry him in the car seat into our house (and our parent’s) so every time we get him out into the cold we throw a blanket over him. Before we even get to the door the blanket is really only covering our arms and not helping at all. So I decided, with motivation from Pinterest, to make a poncho.

I used a fleece blanket that I had. The blanket was a rectangle so I made it a square and used the extra material to make the hood. I put a little elastic in the hood so it would stay on. I cut a slit into the middle at an angle (corner to corner, not edge to edge) so that the corners would fall over his arms. Then I sewed in the hood. It took me about an hour to make and was so easy! I can’t believe I didn’t make it sooner.

My baby was asleep so I had to find something to use as a stand in. His Fisher Price puppy worked perfect as they have about the same size head =)



I am pretty proud of the results. My baby woke up so I did get to try it on him and it worked great. He wasn’t too happy about it so I didn’t try to take a picture.


I made another poncho for my baby that is due in December.  Using the same basic techniques as above.  One difference is I doubled the material to make is thicker.  As a newborn I thought it would be important for her to be kept from the cold.  I also made it a lot smaller.  I really have no idea if it will fit but I used a stuffed Mickey that looks about the size of a newborn for the pattern.

photo 1 photo 2

It is kind of hard to see without a child in it, but the opening and hood are very small compared to the other one I made.  The total size is about 2 foot by 2 foot (to make a square.)  The opening for the head is about 6 inches.

I really hope this fits her!  If not I will start over.  I bought this material as a remnant, but later realized a throw blanket (you know, the kind that is really cheap on Black Friday) would probably have been cheaper.  Live and learn!