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I love holidays. I love getting together with family. I love the desserts =) I love the happiness around me. What I do not love is being a parent AFTER the holidays!
I miss my sleep! The first day or two after coming home were pretty much normal. Not anymore. My almost 9 month old has decided that after months of putting himself to sleep in as little as 15 minutes he must be rocked, held, patted all the way to sleep. No, patting his back until he is on the verge of sleep and then slipping out. No, you have to pat his back until he is so far asleep he is in dreamland! I can’t do it! It is taking over an hour to get him to sleep now. On top of that my husband has decided that he needs more sleep before work and wants to go to bed early. So we get no time together before bed. We used to be able to watch at least one show on Netflix first.
And, nighttime wakings are at an all time high. He was waking up at 6 and 9 to eat, with maybe one time during the night. Now he wakes up about an hour and a half after getting him to sleep. Then again around 3-4.
Last night he woke up at 12. I gave in and nursed him, layed him down and tried to go back to sleep. After 15 minutes of crying I
rocked him until he was just about to sleep and went back to bed. Thirty minutes later he was still crying, so I went in to put him back to sleep. He insisted on nursing again. Then he was wide awake. After 40 minutes of trying to get him back to sleep I gave up and went to the living room and turned on the t.v. An hour later he finally laid down and went to sleep. It is now 3 in the morning!
5:20- My husbands alarm goes off. After starting to get dressed he abruptly wakes me “Kelsi! These pants are too small.” Having only had a few hours of sleep at this point I sounded a little mad when I told him “I went to bed at three, did you really need to tell me that right now?”
Thankfully, the baby didn’t wake again until 8:30 and I fed him and laid him back down until 10.
We have not had a night like that in about six months. I blame it all on the grandparents!