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We got our first good snow storm of the winter last weekend.  This weekend they are calling for more ice and snow just days after all the snow melted.  Our evergreen tree lost several big branches because of the weight of the snow.  It was so pretty.



The day after the snow we bundled the baby up and took him to explore the snow.


While he was waiting on us to get ready he climbed under the table to explore the toys.  I thought this was pretty cute.

He did not like the snow.  He cried the entire time we were out there.

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Snow Angel

Snow Angel

I am not sure if he cried because he didn’t know what was going on or if it was because he basically couldn’t move.  We didn’t stay out too long.  Basically we were out there long enough to take these pictures and back inside we went.

I like the snow, kind of.  It was nice that I didn’t have to get out too much in it.  I did almost get stuck in the driveway when I went to church.  Thankfully, I was able to get out and make it there.

Next week is Christmas.  I am super excited about the presents we bought for the baby.  One present he has seen several times and he gets excited about it every time.  I have decided that will be his “stocking-stuffer” and we will leave it unwrapped.  I am hoping that gets him excited about crawling to the presents.  I will definitely blog after Christmas with pictures.