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Today we worked on getting the leaves out of our yard. Last year the leaves were all gone when we bought the house so it wasn’t a problem. This year we found out just how many leaves can come from our few, but mighty, trees. My husband took 9 black trash bags full of leaves to the city burn pile. I should have taken a picture. This was maybe half of our leaves. He started on the leaves inside the fence right about the time it started to sprinkle. We knew snow was in the forecast so we really wanted to get it done today but we didn’t =(

It did snow. I would call it a light dusting, but it was enough to stick on the ground and the cars. I guess the leaves will have to wait until next week. They aren’t going anywhere by themselves (I wish they would, but our fence seems to be the stopping ground for the leaves and all the trash from the neighborhood.)

So today we got to celebrate the first snow…and I did not celebrate. I was actually hoping to make it to January before we got any snow!